7 Self-Help Books That Keep Us from Losing Our Shit

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To help us keep our sanity (and to try to stay off Twitter), we keep as many self-help/spiritual books on hand as possible. Here’s a list of the books we love that have helped us maintain our equilibrium. Or, at least, kept us from losing our shit.

You can read free samples of each of these books on Amazon’s kindle app. Click the name or image of each book to check it out. And, hey, if you buy something, Amazon throws a little moolah our way, so thank you for that!

1. Falling into Grace by Adyashanti

Adyashanti has made a name for himself in the spirituality world. Seriously, he totally made that name up. His real name is Steve. Regardless, he is one of those rare dudes who actually found a way to inner peace and proves that it can be done. This book gets us through those scary mornings when we accidentally check Twitter before coffee.

2. Rising Strong by Brené Brown

Oooh, boy, did we need this book. We found it at the library and immediately knew we needed to own it. (Apparently, they don’t like it when you highlight every page of a library book.) According to Ms. Brown, getting your ass knocked down repeatedly is a normal part of life. (We feel so much better now!) The trick is finding a way to haul your carcass back up again and this book gives you an actual process for doing that.

3. Take Me to Truth by Nouk Sanchez and Tomas Vieira

We re-read this book whenever we need a reality check but in the least painful way possible. The writing is so straight-forward and bullshit-free, that it actually makes you remember that there is such a thing as sanity. Warning: your ego might not like this book.

4. Conversations with God by Neil Donald Walsch

This book was, basically, the gateway drug to our spiritual book addiction.  It was randomly gifted to us by a bewitching dude named Vogue who we met in a screenwriting class, and who evidently felt we needed help from on high.

5. Loving What Is by Byron Katie

Byron Katie’s method of prevailing over stress by questioning our stressful beliefs has gotten us through many a meltdown. Don’t read this unless you want to admit you’re wrong about a lot of things.

6. The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

Despite still being unclear as to how to pronounce his last name, we love us some Eckhart. Reading this book is like being tucked into bed by a wise magical elf with a German accent. This is a great book to give to someone who you think might maybe need to calm the fuck down, but you can’t come right out and say it.

7. The Code of the Extraordinary Mind

Leave it to a former computer programmer to figure out a way to crack the code of crazy that has been our normal state of mind. This book is crammed full of practical ways to break through the bullshit of our subconscious programming and create the lives we want to live. And even though we’ve only read it once so far, we’ve incorporated several of the practices into our morning routines.

Welp, that’s our list for now. And it continues to grow as our addiction to self-help and spirituality books refuses to let up.

What about you all? What’s your literary Xanax? Are there books you turn to in your time of need? Please tell us what they are in the comments below. Hey, if 2018 is anything like 2017, we’re gonna need all the help we can get!

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